Opus background lines

EU funds

The grants are funded from the European Structural and Investment Funds for the financial period 2014. - 2020.

Europian Union ESIF opus Konkurentnst i kohezija opus

Project is co-financed by the European Union funds from the European Regional Development Fund through the OP Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2016 as part of the E Impuls tender, reference code Call KK.

Project description

Through this project, thanks to the financial resources provided by the Ministry through European Union Funds, we invested considerable resources in the improvement of information and communication technologies, specifically in the implementation of new software and the application of new equipment, which has accelerated and improved the process of producing documentation, thereby raising the quality of our service and competitiveness because we are now able to offer advanced, efficient and high quality solutions.

Despite the positive business, the amount needed by new equipment, software and education we would not be able to provide without the help of the Ministry.

In this way, thanks to our secured means, our company will easily adapt to new trends by adopting new technologies and knowledge that will directly enable us to raise quality and competitiveness and increase revenue and number of employees and further expand on domestic and foreign markets in the design and construction field.

The most important output component of this project will certainly be the newly acquired knowledge and skills related to the use of the MagiCAD module. Through the project, employees were provided with training for each module separately, in order to ensure quality knowledge transfer and subsequent correct and efficient use.

The target group of this project is primarily our employees. Project investments are designed to ensure high quality working conditions and the development of knowledge and skills, to secure realisation of their potential, which directly contributes to the success of the company itself.

Our target group are certainly our customers as well who will, thanks to the planned improvements, get a better service, save time and reduce costs.

Contact person for communication with tenderers: Vladimir Kundid, +385 1 644 56 57

Contact e-mail address: info@opus-optimus.hr